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El C02 es incluso beneficioso

Valle de los Caídos

Ahí reside gran parte del poder. Mentir, deformar la realidad, cambiar el pasado con tus palabras, y que te crean, que tus mentiras dejen de serlo, para convertirse en la verdad.
Tengo miedo de que venzan, de que suficiente gente sea engañada, convertida, de que ese nuevo mundo que intentan construir, que ya están construyendo, ocupe toda la realidad.

‘There is a Party slogan dealing with the control of the past,’ he said. 'Repeat it, if you please.’

’“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past,”’ repeated Winston obediently.

’“Who controls the present controls the past,”’ said O'Brien, nodding his head with slow approval. 'Is it your opinion, Winston, that the past has real existence?’


'How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’


'And if the party says that it is not four but five – then how many?’


The word ended in a gasp of pain. The needle of the dial had shot up to fifty-five. The sweat had sprung out all over Winston’s body. The air tore into his lungs and issued again in deep groans which even by clenching his teeth he could not stop. O'Brien watched him, the four fingers still extended. He drew back the lever. This time the pain was only slightly eased.


'How many fingers, Winston?’

'Four! Stop it, stop it! How can you go on? Four! Four!’

'How many fingers, Winston?’

'Five! Five! Five!’

'No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please?’

'Four! five! Four! Anything you like. Only stop it, stop the pain!’

de 1984, de George Orwell

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